1. Where do I find the serial number? On my Grip? On my Thunder? On my Spirit and on my Pen?


Grips: There is only a serial number for the grips for Thunder and Spirit. Pen grips do not have one. They are located on the back side of the grip shaft, which is screwed on the machine. Just unscrew the adjusting sleeve. The serial number starts with an N. 

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2. Why is it important to write down my serial number, when I send in my machine?


With the serial number, we find the status of your repair in our system. It is important to tell us your serial number, in case you have any telephone inquiries or e-mail requests regarding your repair status. (E-Mail Address for your request: )


3. What happens, when I send my device to Cheyenne directly?


Here, you can accelerate the entire repair process. As soon as you send us all the necessary data and your machine, we can start with the repair process. The form, which data we need from you,

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4. Can I send my defect machine to my point of purchase?


Sure, your dealer will assist you with returning your defective device. If this is not possible, for example due to dropping out of business, etc., please see point 3.


5. Why do I have to provide my e-mail address?


Your e-mail address is important as we may have further questions regarding your repair in case we cannot identify the problem.


6. Why do I have to give my telephone number?


Some problems or queries about your device can be difficult to explain via mail. In such cases, it is easier and more efficient to quickly

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7. Only countries subject to tariffs! Why is it important to include a pro forma invoice?


Customs will not let the package pass, if the pro forma invoice is missing. This can cause extremely long delays. It is even possible, that your parcel will get returned to you with a waiting period of up to 6 weeks, without being repaired.


8. How and why do I lose my warranty?


You will lose the warranty if your machine is damaged by negligence or is opened by unauthorized staff/personnel.

Please remember, we have patented tools to open the machines.


9. How long does my warranty last?


Generally, you have a guarantee period of 24 months starting from the purchase of your product. In individual cases there may be a 6-months warranty extension.


10. How long does the shipping take in general?


This depends on the sender you choose for your package. We recommend shipping via UPS. For UPS, the average shipping times are as follows:

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11. Where does my machine get repaired?


Your machine will be fixed directly in Berlin by Cheyenne. Thus, our competent staff guarantees the best results for you.

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12. Why is it important to fill out all the requested data in the form, which is enclosed in the packaging?


The more data and information we receive, the faster we can perform high quality and satisfactory repair. Of course we make sure to only collect necessary data for the repair process. For further information and our handling of sensitive data, please refer to our privacy policy.


13. How can I help to speed up the repair process?


You can speed up the repair process by filling out the entire repair form, adding a detailed description of the problem and selecting a fast and reliable carrier for your shipping. For information on how to complete the form, please visit


14. Why am I not receiving e-mails regarding the repair process from Cheyenne?


The e-mails sent by us may have landed in your spam folder. This might be the result of your personal settings of your mailbox. In this case, please accept messages from us in your mailbox or save our e-mail address in your contacts.


15. Who can I contact, if I have any questions about the status of my repair?


If you have any questions about your repair, please send an e-mail to . Please do not forget to state your serial number. This is the only way to find your repair status information in our system.


16. What happens to my warranty after the repair process?


On all replaced parts you will get a new guarantee of 6 months. However, wear parts are excluded from this.


17. What is a cost estimate (quote) and why do I have to confirm it in written form/ by e-mail?


If your machine is broken after the warranty period you will receive a quote. In this case the repair has to be paid. We are sending you the estimated cost form in order for you to decide whether you would like us to proceed with the repair

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18. What happens, if I try to fix my device by myself?


If you try to repair your machine by yourself, the warranty will be void. There will be a charge for the repair of your device after you sign off on an estimate.  We strongly recommend not to fix the machines on your own.


19. Do I have to lubricate or maintain my machine?


No. Cheyenne machines use a plug and play system. The closed build has been designed to make any maintenance or lubrication of the engine unnecessary. Opening and/or lubricating your machine is likely to cause damage. This also leads to the loss of warranty!

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